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Cazeau brewery (Tournai, Saison Cazeau)

Established in 1753, Cazeau brewery produces the only beer on the Tournai town area : it is called "Tournay". It offers 4 craft beers neither filtered, nor pasteurized : a golden blond with 6.7% alcohol, a dark, roasted taste and strong ale with 7.6% and a triple, very hopped with 9%. The brewery also brews the Saison Cazeau, a bitter blond ale with 5%. brasseriedecazeau.be

Dupont brewery (Moinette, Saison Dupont)

Since 1950, Dupont brewery has been specialised in the production of top fermentation beers with refermentation in the botlle. The most famous beers are Moinette blond (a refreshing blond beer with fine hop aromas with 8.5%) en Saison Dupont a blond, thirst-quenchener beer with a strong bitterness with 6.5%. A part of the production is qualified as organic beer. brasserie-dupont.com

Brunehaut brewery (Brunehaut, Saint-Martin)

Based on the original recipe from 1096, Brunehaut brewery produces the only abbey beers in the area : the "Saint-Martin" . The name is also the former abbey where the Town Hall is now located . To taste : St Martin abbey blonde with 7%, St Martin abbey brown with a taste of roasted coffee with 8% and a St Martin abbey triple, a beer for gourmets with 9%. The brewery has also developed a range of organic beers : the Brunehaut Blond with 6.5%, the Brunehaut Amber with 6,5% and the Brunehaut White with 5%. brunehaut.com.

Dubuisson brewery (Bush, Troll, Surfine)

Founded in 1769, eight generations of Dubuisson brewers have passed on their skills father to son, and this family-owned brewery remains independent to this day. The brewery produces beers with a strong character such as the Bush, one of the Belgian strongest beer with 12%, the Pêche Mel Bush (8.5%), the Cuvée des Trolls (unfiltered blond with 7%) and the Surfine ( a refreshing golden blond beer with 6.5%) dubuisson.com