Puppet Centre


Puppet Center

Located in the city of Tournai’s historical heart, the Peeters Residence is now a home for a non-typical museum dedicated to every form of puppetry. The Puppetry Arts Museum will bring you to the discovery of its hidden treasures ... they come from the four corners of the Earth. This travel around the world will lead you to meet the most popular characters of the european puppet theater that is known by the children and the grown-ups, but also the figures and techniques from african and asian traditions. Besides its museum’s heritage, the Puppetry Center also offers temporary exhibitions, on-demand animations for schools, workshops for children and adults or puppet shows

NEW : The family visit « Jack hit the road ! »

Jack, the marionette, has disappeard ! The only traces of his running away : the selfies that Jack hid everywhere in the museum. We need you to make him come back among the other marionettes ! During your investigation, you will solve enigmas, experiment several manipulation techniques, take a close look at the puppets to see their details, imitate their funny faces, touch their fabrics and matters... Available every opening day, please call us first.

Centre de la Marionnette

47 rue Saint-Martin

7500 Tournai

Tél : +32(0)69 88 91 40


From Tuesday to Friday: 9 am > 12.30 and 2 > 5 pm

Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: 2 > 6 pm

The centre organises activities (reservation required)

Groupe: by appointment.