Our sweet and salty specialties


Ballons Noirs

Created in 1834, it is a black, hard candy made from 3 different types of sugar.

Desobry Biscuits (Desobry cookies)

Available in magnificent decorated metal boxes,part-chocolate biscuits accompany your coffee.

Couque abeille

Bee-shaped brioche, a reference to Childeric’s bees.


The faluche is a small, flat white bread - a real treat at breakfast with butter and/or light brown sugar

Gâteau Clovis (Clovis cake)

Created in homage to the Merovingian king, the Clovis cake is a frangipane cake filled with apricot and pineapple compote.

Filled waffles

Waffles filled with vanilla, light brown sugar, speculoos or ‘Grand Marnier’, based on the original recipe from a biscuit factory founded more than a hundred year ago.

Palet de dame

Round biscuits covered with apricot jam and glazing.


This small brioche-type bread is only baked for carnival

Ficelle picarde

Salty pancake stuffed with ham, mushrooms and whipped cream.


Sort of head cheese, or brawn, made with pork cheek and calf’s tongue and complemented by spices, garlic and parsley.