Antique shops

A number of interesting shops in the city centre or along the boulevards of Tournai have put the city on the map as the place to be for curiosities and antiquities. Those who love to go bargain-hunting will surely find something to their taste on Sunday morning at the car parks of the shopping centres Les Bastions. A must !

Le Passé Composé
rue Saint Martin, 49
7500 Tournai

Antique et Art Gallery
Rue des Orfèvres, 6
7500 Tournai

Le marché Couvert
Chaussée de Tournai, 23
7500 Tournai

Vogues Antiquités
Rue de la Madeleine 62/01
7500 Tournai

Le Camaïeu
Rue Saint-Jacques, 13
7500 Tournai

Le Caroussel
Rue Saint Martin, 97
7500 Tournai

Le Vieux Tournay
Boulevard du Roi Albert, 120/122
7500 Tournai

Le Vieux Paris
Boulevard des Nerviens, 48
7500 Tournai

Centre commercial des Bastions
Boulevard Walter Marvis, 22
7500 Tournai

Aux Vieux Moulin
rue Longue 17
7502 Esplechin