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The Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai constitutes an exceptional heritage and is the only museum designed by Victor Horta


The Museum of Fine Arts in Tournai constitutes an exceptional collection of heritage, due both to its architecture and to the extensive nature of its art collections.

Major works in the museum’s collections

The Museum of Fine Arts has a collection of modern artworks donated to it by the Brussels patron Henri Van Cutsem and the only two works by Manet exhibited in Belgium.

The paintings and sculptures on show there range from the Flemish Primitives to (Campin, de la Pasture, Bruegel, etc.) to contemporary artists. The 17th and 18th Centuries are represented by Rubens, Jordaens, Snyders, Watteau, etc.

As regards impressionists, admire the works of Manet, Monet, Seurat and Van Gogh. A large space is set aside for Belgian artists (Ensor, Claus, de Braekeleer, etc.) and for Tournaisian artists (Rogier de la Pasture, Gallait, Pion, Dumoulin, etc.).

The only museum designed by Victor Horta (1907-1928)

The only museum designed as such by the architect Victor Horta (1907-1928) – the building, the very original plan in the shape of a tortoise, provides an interesting example of the transition from Art Nouveau to modernism inspired by Art Deco. Due to its chronological precocity, (while it was inaugurated in 1928, initial plans for it were drawn up in 1907), without a doubt it constitutes one of the very first prototypes of a “modern” museum, worldwide.

Fine Arts Museum

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